Carrier-Grade Communication Server

Office Phone System

Multimedia communication system for medium-to-large enterprise

  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Public utility companies - electric, water, etc.
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Inbound Call centers
  • Travel agencies
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Class 4/5 telecom exchange

Thinking about high-end Avaya and Cisco? Take a look ...

From old school analog phones to videophones

Choose from variety of high-quality IP phones and gateways to ensure best performance and reliability.

All phones and devices are off-the-shelf standard items - just like laptops, tablets, etc.

iPhone/Android Gadget Extensions via Wifi

Turns Android/iPhone gadgets into extension phones via Wifi for accessibility within the building.

HD Voice - the new standard in audio quality

Phone sets with HD Voice for clear noise-free calls. Comparing HD Voice to standard voice is like comparing FM radio to AM radio. Very important in conference calls and medical environment.

Connects all - landline, mobile and Internet Phones (VoIP)

The server connects to all telephone providers.

  • Landlines - PLDT, Globelines, etc. (2-wire analog, digital E1, ISDN PRI or SIP)
  • Cellphones (all networks) via GSM gateways
  • Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSP) - connects you to US-based providers that offer very low-cost overseas calls

Extension phones are directly connected to any of the above carriers. Take the case of cellphones in the office:

  • Cellphones calling landline numbers will become a thing of the past. Callers can dial any cellphone trunks whether it is Smart, Globe or Sun.
  • Having several 3 cellphones shared in the office will also become a thing of the past. Anyone can just dial the cellphone number on any extension phone, and calls will be routed to the appropriate trunk (Smart-to-Smart, Globe-to-Globe or Sun-to-Sun).

Save on overseas calls - as low as P0.70 per minute - via ITSP. On global business, have international presence by publishing phone numbers in New York, London, Sydney, Hong-kong, etc. and have your own mini call center.

Just dial and forget the phone bills

The server has Least-Cost Routing feature which decides how to route calls to minimize cost and how to choose alternate routes in case the primary route is down. A few examples:

  • Dialing Globe cellphone numbers - via Globe mobile trunk
  • Dialing Smart cellphone numbers - via Smart mobile trunk
  • Dialing PLDT local or NDD numbers - via PLDT landline trunk
  • Dialing Globelines local or NDD numbers - via Globelines landline trunk

With a database containing thousands of domestic prefixes, LCR can resolve routing of landline numbers.

Cutting-edge call features

Just a few sample among dozens of features:
Callers are greeted and instructed how to reach their destination number. Receptionist can still assist new callers unfamiliar to the procedure.
Call Accounting
Call Detail Records are kept for accounting and traffic analysis.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Integrates voice/dialpad to handle customer queries like Billing, etc.
Conference call
Quick conference can be setup to several extensions with crystal clear audio (HD Voice)
Paging System Integration
Just like in airports, extension phones can be used for paging. With high-fidelity audio (HD Voice)
Busy with a client? Callers can leave a message which can be forwarded to email accounts.

Highly scalable - start small (SMEs) and grow to LSE

Unlike high initial CAPEX legacy phone systems, start small then expand to your full requirement little-by-little. No device becomes obsolete.

So powerful in capacity that meets the stringent demands of telecom operations
  • to thousands of local extensions
  • to hundreds of trunks
  • handling hundreds of calls per minute

Try our Demo system to check its functionality and features..

Office telephones and computers via one cable infrastructure

Save on cabling cost by merging phones and computer connections via LAN cables. Plus ... turn iPhone/Android gadgets into wireless mobile extensions via WiFi (ideal in hospital applications).

High utilization of infrastructure means quicker ROI (Return Of Investment).

Telephony for the IT people

IP-based system with Web-based graphical interface. IT staff can easily maintain the system. Adding extension phones is just like adding PCs into the network.

Add Click-to-Call button on your website

Take advantage over competition by adding button on your website .
Visitors can immediately contact without calling landline or cellphone numbers. Great for quick reservations, inquiries and customer support. Here's a demo conference call. Enable your microphone and camera. You can post text message. Click here.
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